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Family Owned & Operated with over 13 Years of serving Delaware County and the surrounding areas. We Do Everything By Hand! Which allows us to seal every pore, nook & cranny ensuring your driveway or parking lots longevity! We are Crack Fill, Hole & Edge Repairing Experts which saves our customers thousands of dollars by restoring the driveway or parking lot for those who are thinking of having it repaved. Whether you just need your driveway/parking lot sealed with some cracks filled to a restoration project, Preserve & Protect D.S is the right company to go with! We value our customers, treat them like family while providing premium service that is affordable! In-Person or Virtual Estimates Available!!

Services Available

When it comes to Seal Coating, its all about Prep Work! We Clean the driveway, remove any dirt, moss or grass. We are Super Meticulous! Then we cut out the perimeter with a Brush (Sealing) carefully and then use a squeegee to push and pull the material into the pores of the driveway.

First we clean the debris out of the cracks, which allows the filler to seep deep into the crack to solidify. Which strengthens and prevents moisture from getting back in.

Got Holes? No problem, we cut around the hole, clean it out, fortify it with stone (if need be) then patch it up! Tamper & Seal and its good to go! Got Crumbling Cracking Edges? No Problem, we fill and reinforce the edges too!

Are you experiencing rain water build up that has no where to go? Puddles behind your home? No Problem, we can Install Trench Drains  and/or Swale Drains that will eliminate that problem!


Commercial asphalt needs some TLC too. We can add parking lines whether is caution yellow or handicap blue that's no problem on top of Sealing and any repair work needed! 

We have these services available as well. 9 out of 10 times after we complete a job, customers ask if there is anything else we do before we can even mention it. Junk removal and clean outs are available for an affordable fee. 

Some times customers have concrete steps or another area that need attention. We can handle Small Concrete Repair situations as well.

What's usually next to, by or above driveways? Your right, Decks! So over the last couple years we have  introduced "Preserve & Protect" Deck Staining to our New & Existing Customers. Sanding down & two coats of stain to your deck will have it looking Brand New!

Preserve & Protect Driveway Sealing, LLC
Serving Delaware County, Pennsylvania & Surrounding Areas

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