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MAY 25TH 1989 - JULY 4TH 2023


We miss Billy very much, we lost him to a Boating Accident on July 4th, 2023. Billy was a God Loving, extremely skilled and would give you the shirt of his back. Billy just became a Foreman for us in the beginning of the 2023 Season. He was Michael's Righthand Man and helped our Company get to where we are now. Billy is irreplaceable and will be missed every day we step on a job. He brought smiles to our faces and made us laugh all the time while working. He was more than an employee here, more than a friend. He was a brother.

Billy would always try to get us to go to Church with him all the time. Billy struggled with Addiction in the Past and was in Recovery with a lot of time Clean! We were so proud of him and in the progress he made. His Mechanical Skills were amazing, he could take a part anything, find the problem, fix it and put it all back together. 

Before starting a job Billy would scream in the car "Lets Get Them Preserved & Protected Just As Expected!" He truly cared about all our customers and strived to do the best would could on every job. He will be missed but he will be always remembered, for we will always believe Billy will be with us on every job we do from here on out.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Remember Billy With US, Even If You Did Not Know Him. He Would Of Definitely Appreciated It, Thanks Again! 

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