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Why Asphalt Restoration instead of Re-Paving?

It's quite Simple, SAVE ALOT OF MONEY! Why Re-Pave when you can Save? Preserve & Protect Driveway Sealing has saved their Customer Thousands of dollars by saving their Aslhalt Slab!

Whether it is a Driveway or Parking Lot this Company specializes in Crack Repair, Hole Repair and Replacing and/or Restoring Crumbling area's.

With 14 years of experience, Only 5 Star Reviews and Customer Testimonials you can't go wrong with hiring Presere & Protect D.S, LLC! These Doctors of Asphalt practically will give your Asphalt CPR, bringing it back to life and making it look Brand New! They are so Confident that they do exceptional work that they also include a 2 year warranty!

Call 267.345.6970 or visit for a FREE Estimate.

Seal Coating all done by hand, Not sprayed.

Crack Fill/Repair

Hole Repair

Edge Reinforcement

Crumble Replacement

Pot Hole Repair

Drainage Solutions

Deck Staining

Plus More!

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