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Finished Driveway
All Done by Hand with Squeegee and Brush

How Preserve & Protect Driveway Sealing Was Born

Founder/Owner: Michael G. Mc Namee Jr.

Michael has been doing Driveways for about 13 Years now. He learned how to do driveways from a man named Eddie K. Eddie took Michael on to help him with his Driveway Sealing Business. It was a side business that Eddie did on the weekends. Michael was at his lowest and was struggling with life. Mr. K put Michael under his wing and not only taught him how to do driveways, he also taught him a new way of life.

They did back to back driveways on Saturdays and Sundays for 10 years together. With over a 1000 driveways under their belts and 10 years later Michael decided it was time expand from doing driveways just on the weekends to doing them during the week as well. Eddie was getting older in age and wanted to head in another direction with his time, but Michael's Ambition was just beginning. Quit his job as a Sales Rep. and Preserve & Protect was born!

The name says it all, what we do here is Preserve & Protect Home Owners Driveway's and Business Owner's Parking Lots. Filling Cracks, Patching Crumbled Areas, Repairing Holes, Restoring edges and toping it of with Sealant is Preserving & Protecting! Doing everything by hand and not spraying is a key selling point and separates us from the companies that use a Sprayer. Our techniques ensures our customer driveway's longevity!

So Michael came up with the idea of Driveway Restoration (Possibly Creating a New Industry) which saves customers thousands of dollars! Now Preserve & Protect D.S is the Fastest Growing Sealing Company in Delco and its surrounding area, ranked # 1 in Customer Service!

Preserve & Protect D.S wouldn't be if it wasn't for Eddie K. So thank you Eddie! We appreciate you and always will remember how and where we came from.

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