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Crack Fill, Crack Patch

Crack Filling Services by Preserve & Protect

Water and debris can severely damage the foundational layers of your pavement. Opt for the best driveway crack filler in Media, PA, to curb further asphalt damage and enhance its lifespan. Our adept team is trained to handle the toughest cracks using special formulations to ensure durability.


  • Extends the lifespan of the driveway and prevents further damage

  • Problems are resolved faster than usual

  • Reduces the need for complete driveway repair


We Address Various Crack Types, Including:

  • Reflective Cracks

  • Edge Cracks

  • Fatigue or Alligator Cracks

  • Joint and Longitudinal Cracks

  • Block Cracks

  • Slippage Cracks


How Do We Do It?

Depending on the crack type, traffic, and budget, cracks between 1/4 and 1 inch wide are addressed. The process begins with cleaning the asphalt surface using an air compressor. The area is then treated with hot material dispensed through a hand wand. This forms a protective barrier ensuring no further intrusion of harmful elements.

We employ tools such as squeegees or trowels to level the filler material after it's poured into the cracks. This ensures a seamless, consistent finish that complements the surrounding asphalt.


Talk with Our Crack Filler

When the asphalt around your property starts showing signs of wear and becomes both a visual blight and a safety concern, there's no need to fret. Preserve and Protect, one of the top seal coat driveway companies near me in Bryn Mawr, PA, is at your service. Our team is primed to craft a solution tailored to your situation, ensuring your driveway returns to its pristine, smooth condition. Say goodbye to those troublesome cracks and trust in our reliable crack-filling expertise. Reach out to us and ensure your driveway gets the care it deserves!





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